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About Mississauga Orthopedics Clinic

Here at Mississauga Orthopedics Clinic your health and well being are our primary focus. We provide healthy solutions through applied orthopedics to restore your health and vitality.

When you attend our clinic, you will be assessed by one of our medical professionals to determine or respond to your health needs. You may bring your own prescription from a medical doctor or foot specialist, or you may have one of our medical staff diagnose your condition.

Whatever your health needs, we work to ensure they are met. We provide gentle treatment such as; chiropractic, massage therapy, laser acupuncture and physiotherapy. Your treatment needs are also met through the use of orthopedic devices such as; custom foot orthotics, orthopedic shoes, compression sock, TENS machine and support braces.

We can perform all the paperwork for services rendered and do your insurance billing for you. You may call to book your appointment or walk in at your convenience. We will always ensure you are attended to in a prompt and timely manner.