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Who Is Covered

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for necessary medical services, but does not cover all medical expenses. If you are in need of medical care not covered under OHIP, but you are unsure if your workplace provide a private health plan, contact your human resource department to enquire.

Most workplaces provide health care packages for their workers. Since almost everyone will seek health care services at some point, this is a practical and attractive employment feature. Sometimes due to the job requirements, pain, discomfort and strain can develop and continue to be aggravated with the repetitive functions of the workplace and other daily activities. Whether you are sitting all day at your office desk or standing for long periods and lifting heavy equipments in the warehouse, orthopedic supplies and therapeutic treatments will help to; relieve pain, provide comfort and promote healing.

For employees with families, this means you can take care of your family members in need of medical services without the burden of additional expenses. Before you attend a health care facility for services it is always a good idea to first speak with your health plan provider to fully understand your coverage details. Additionally, employees are provided with a benefits manual at the time of hiring which outlines the plan details. It is important to read your manual to understand your entitlement and bring it with you when you attend for care so that your service provider is also fully aware of your coverage. Employees generally have the option of family or individual plans. Coverage is generally reimbursement policies.

Many seniors retire with a health care plan in place. Today's seniors are more active than ever and will need health care services to remain healthy and independent. Read your plan carefully and educate yourself so that you can utilize important services without worry when needed. Patients without extended health plans also attend our clinic and make their own personal arrangement. For more details please contact us.


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