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Frequently Ask Questions
Do I need a prescription to attend?

You can attend without your prescription. Our medical team can do the assessment for you and assist you with the prescription.


Do I need an appointment to attend?

No, you can walk in. We accept patients until 30 minutes prior to closing.


How do I know how much and for what I am covered?

You should call your Insurance Provider and one of their customer service agent will provide you with this information. Have your extended health plan card ready with your policy and I.D. number. You can also have us assist you with the call when you attend our clinic.


How long does the process take to get my custom orthotics and shoes.

The process usually takes about 10 business days. Some Orthopedic shoes however, can take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive.


How long do I have to wait until I get the payment from my insurance company?

Most insurance companies process payment within 3 weeks after claim submission.


What if I still continue to have pain after I get my orthotics?

Some pain is normal within the first 3 weeks of wear. After this time period however, you should return to see us and we can modify and adjust the orthotics base on your specifications to better accommodate your pain and discomfort. There will be no additional cost to you.


Are there warranties on the orthotics if they breakdown or fall apart within a short period of time?.

We will repair or replace the orthotics at no cost to you up till 8 months after the orthotics were dispensed.


Can I return my custom orthotics if I have not worn it?

No. Custom made products cannot be returned because they were specially made for only you. No one can use them and the manufacturer will not accept back custom products.


Can I return products if I find them uncomfortable or painful after wearing them?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept back used products. We advise you to wear your shoes inside on the carpet or clean surface until you are sure they are a good fit. We cannot returned used products to our suppliers.


Do you have Orthopedic Surgeons on staff?

No, though we provide orthopedic supplies, we do not have an orthopedic surgeon on staff. Our clinic is staffed by Foot specialist, chiropractors and physiotherapists. We do not perform surgeries.


Do you remove corns and calluses in your clinic?

No, we do not remove corns and calluses at this location.